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Libby Zay

Libby Zay is a Baltimore-based travel writer with a curious mind, restless feet, and a loud laugh.

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The Huffington Post

6 Ways To Show Off Baltimore To Out-of-Towners

When visitors arrive from out-of-town, we want to make sure you're showing off the best side of Charm City. Here are six itineraries for varying types of people that might descend on Baltimore. Use th...

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The Huffington Post

8 Scenic Trips Minus the Mega Ships (PHOTOS)

Cruising doesn't have to be all about a week in the Caribbean on a monster city at sea. Who really needs to play mini golf or go rock climbing while setting sail, anyway? For a less intense overwater ...

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City Paper

Have Knife, Will Travel

George Hastings, champion shucker, recalls the days when oysters were king

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How to Ward Off Jet Lag in Five Easy Steps

Jet lag is a serious problem not only for business travelers, but also those who want to squeeze the most out of well-deserved vacations. But much like hangovers, everyone seems to have their own magi...


13 Travel Tweeters That Drive Us Crazy |

With more than 50 million active users logging in every day, it comes as no surprise that Twitter has its fair share of obnoxious tweeters.

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7 Tips For Touring Europe By Train |

Hitting the open road might be the most iconic way to see the United States, but riding the rails is certainly the most romanticized way

Providence food truck article

Art On The Rhode: Take A Creative Vacation In Providence

New England is known for its captivating coastline and rural charm, but it is also a great retreat for artists and art lovers. Sure, big


Budget Guide 2013: Columbus, Ohio |

Columbus, Ohio, is known as both 'Cowtown' and 'The Biggest Small Town in America,' nicknames that begin to shed light on the destination's Midwes

Graffiti house usa graffiti article

Civil War graffiti covers this Virginia home

Graffiti is now a fairly common part of our culture's dialogue, but did you know soldiers in the Civil War also tagged, doodled, and conversed